BGS International, providing export support for UK manufacturers

However the Brexit negotiations conclude, it is certain that overseas trade will become ever more critical for the majority of the UK’s industry.

Mike Berry, Managing Director of BGS International, has 35 years of senior role experience with both large and small manufacturing companies, and unrivalled expertise in all aspects of machine tool and related technologies’ manufacture, sourcing, distribution, sales and marketing.

BGS International is well placed to provide either comprehensive or specific international trade assistance to SME’s. Many companies believe overseas markets exist for their products and services but are hesitant to commit due to lack of knowledge or experience. BGS International can support and guide, allowing companies to unlock the potential of profitable overseas business.

For those businesses looking to source products and services from outside the UK, BGS International offer a comprehensive support service ranging from product recommendation, factory introductions, terms of business negotiation, import procedure compliance and finance recommendations.

BGS International, whilst supplying experience and skills relevant for all markets, have specific and detailed knowledge of several major world markets including:

Our Services Include

We would review the potential target market(s) most suitable for a client’s product range. (NB: This could be initial export targets for companies not currently exporting, or new, additional, markets for existing exporters.)

Included in this review, utilizing internal and external sources, we would prepare an overview of the potential market size, recent and forecast growth trends, current market leaders and a review of both a client’s main competitors and related, non-competing, companies in the selected market(s).

Following the initial market research, we would prepare a shortlist of potential distributor / agents in the target market including those that sell similar but non-competing products. Information on shortlisted companies would include trading history, market coverage, existing product portfolio highlighting the relative focus of companies (broad range or niche / specialized), experience of dealing with UK companies and English language capability, application and marketing strengths and after sales support capability.

In conjunction with a client we would review the shortlist and arrive at a recommendation. The client would then have a choice as to whether to make direct contact with the selected distributor(s) or, alternatively, BGS International would be pleased to broker the introduction between the parties.

Usually, once the relationship is established, dealings are conducted between the client and their new partner directly, but we are available to support as and when required.

For clients wishing to source equipment or out-source manufacture of some, or all, of their existing or planned production, we have experience and knowledge of capital equipment sourcing in the UK and many overseas markets, including the EU, North America, Indian subcontinent and the Far East. Our extensive knowledge includes a portfolio of specialist manufacturing companies who are capable of supplying quality products from machined parts, through sub assemblies, to complete equipment supply.

We are very aware that overseas sourcing creates issues and concerns for companies and can, through our knowledge and experience, ensure that our client’s ‘peace of mind’ is secure. A service we also offer is to maintain continual liaison with suppliers, and monitor delivery performance and address any issues, prior to them becoming a concern. The involvement of our client companies would be as much, or little, as they choose but our resource can allow them to maintain their existing team on current duties and roles.

Quality and on time delivery from suppliers is crucial to our clients. We can provide an independent verification and inspection service for clients’ existing or future suppliers. It is imperative for our clients to have knowledge of suppliers but, too often, they do not have the resource or time to carry out verification themselves of either the suppliers’ ‘claimed’ capabilities or specific product inspection.

As with UK companies wishing to be introduced to potential distributors, many overseas manufacturers have targeted the UK as a potential market for their products. For such companies, we would prepare a shortlist of potential distributor / agents in the UK including those that already market and support similar but non-competing products.

Information on shortlisted companies would include trading history, UK market coverage and existing product portfolio and specifically highlight the marketing skills and after sales support facilities such companies provide.

BGS International has over 35 years of active involvement in machine tool and general engineering exhibitions and fairs, both in the UK and in over 20 countries around the world.

Our involvement can be as little or as extensive as our clients require.

As a basic support we can provide basic stand manning, where we will provide experienced support to your existing exhibition team utilizing local knowledge combined with technical knowledge.

For others, we can arrange full exhibition support, from stand selection, stand design and building, all liaison and coordination with exhibition organisers, stand logistics and manning support. This service allows our client’s existing sales and marketing team to focus on their jobs without the headaches and distractions that exhibition planning and coordinating entails.

Many new or potential exporters are bewildered by their perception of the scale and complexity of export documentation. With our long experience of exporting (and importing) from countries in all continents, we have the knowledge and experience to guide clients through their initial export contracts.

However, when the BREXIT negotiations conclude, it is most likely that the extent and complexity of paperwork required to ensure compliance with new regulations will only increase, especially with regard to EU countries. This could include changes to customs controls and procedures, rules of origin definition, visa preparations, product standard compliance and all ‘non tariff’ measures that will be required.

Finance is a major concern to potential exporters who are justifiably concerned about being paid for their products and services. There are many methods of ensuring payment from overseas customers whilst ensuring risk is kept to a minimum. Most clients’ own banks and financial advisers will be able to advise but we can give simple easy to understand guidance and advice for differing markets and risks.

Many technological products are covered by Government regulations based on International agreements and are subject to Export Control. We can supply guidance on how to ascertain if goods require a license and, if so, the procedure to apply for and progress such applications.

The Department of International Trade (DiT) and many NGO’s do provide grants for new exporters. These grants cover trade show / exhibition assistance, market research, travel cost aid amongst many other, non financial, aids to exporting. Depending on our client’s requirements, we can guide and recommend the accessing of the available assistance.

Costs & Charges

Every project we undertake is different and can vary in complexity, time and cost. Prior to commencing any project, we would agree the scope of our remit and provide our clients with a guide of the expected time and cost.

Basic costs for consultancy work undertaken on behalf of clients are :

Daily charge for specific projects:
  • £450 (plus VAT) plus any expenses at cost (receipted).
Overseas rate:
  • As daily rate plus expenses at cost (receipted).
  • NB: Travel and subsistence charged at cost.
Success commission:
  • For the first 36 months following any distributor / agent appointment and agreed commission will be paid to BGS International Ltd on all orders resulting from BGS International’s recommendation.
  • For clients who wish to retain BGS International for basic documentation, financial and licensing advice, the charge is £100 (plus VAT) per month with a minimum term of 6 months, charged monthly.